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Rights group:  Israel continuing racist, criminal policies against Palestinians

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Yoav Lemmer/Getty Images]
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Yoav Lemmer/Getty Images]

Israel is continuing its racist and criminal policies against Palestinians, the Integrity Foundation for Humanitarian and Human Rights (Hayat Haq) said yesterday in response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's approval of a proposed bill which would make it easier for courts to issue the death sentence against detained Palestinians.

The organisation rejected the draft law, which it said violates the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation in accordance with their rights which are protected under international law.

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The proposed bill grants "the judges of the military courts the authority to issue death sentences against the perpetrators of the operations even without a consensus among the judges of the court. Two out of three judges can ratify the sentence," according to the occupation's media reports.

Earlier today, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor declared that the government will pursue until completion a new legislative initiative to make it easier to execute Palestinians.

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