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The US Congress votes on a draft resolution to prevent the sale of weapons to Bahrain

A man can be seen carrying the flag of Bahrain [File photo]
A man can be seen carrying the flag of Bahrain [File photo]

US Republican Senator, Rand Paul said on Wednesday that he had received the necessary votes to put forward a draft resolution number 65 which prohibits the sale of a $ 300 million arms deal (missiles and artillery systems) to Bahrain because of its involvement in the Saudi-led coalition for the war on Yemen.

In a letter to his colleagues in the Senate, Paul added that the vote on the draft resolution would take place on Thursday afternoon, according to US media.

The Republican senator said that the vote on the draft resolution would send a clear and vital message to the Saudi-led coalition that the Senate would not support further destruction in Yemen and that additional arms sales to the alliance would stop until the devastating war in Yemen is ended. He pointed out that this measure will be taken against Bahrain for just once, but it will be a small step which may contribute to the beginning of the end of the war.

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Paul praised the American measure to stop providing fuel to coalition fighters, which was announced last week, and considered it a positive step to disengage the US from the Saudi campaign on Yemen, but said that this step is not enough.

He said that the decision to ban the missile deal to Bahrain would be an essential step in that direction. Paul pointed out that the various voices in force in the United States and the world are convinced that the military solution is no longer useful in Yemen and that the political path is the only alternative, which is an inevitable conclusion that the whole world accepted, as stated in the letter.  Rand Paul concluded his letter: “Tomorrow… the Senate can take an important step towards that end, and I hope you will join me in voting for this draft resolution.”

Paul has been leading a campaign against Saudi Arabia for weeks over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the war in Yemen, and demanded, last month, to suspend US arms deals to Riyadh.

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