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A purely Palestinian year

A Palestinian boy holds a Palestinian flag [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency
A Palestinian boy holds a Palestinian flag, 29 December 2017 [Ali Jadallah/Anadolu Agency

All signs and suggestions indicate that 2019 will be a purely Palestinian year and that Palestine, from the sea to the river, will witness a great national uprising that will put an inevitable end to the occupation, its greed and its fascist expansionist projects.

It is expected that Netanyahu's extreme right-wing party will win in the Israeli elections in April.

Therefore, it is also expected that this terrorist will pick up the pace of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people in the run-up to the elections by increasing the pace of settlement construction, demolishing houses, razing lands, uprooting trees, and intensifying attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He is also expected to intensify attacks on Jerusalem , as well as on the Murabitoun in Al-Aqsa and around it and increase efforts to Judaise them.

He is also likely to tighten the siege on Gaza, step up the fascist attacks and air strikes on the Strip, and open fire on the masses participating in the Great March of Return, with deadly consequences.

He will do all this and more in order to outdo and bet the extremist right-wing parties, including the Jewish Home party, as well as Lieberman and the extreme Zionists.

The focus of these auctions and their fuel will be the Palestinian people used to fain the votes of the extremist Zionists and win the elections.

Analysts and observers of Israeli affairs agree that the terrorist Netanyahu will freeze the escalation war against Syria and Lebanon during the transitional period before the elections and will devote his extremism and utilise his fascism to exercise more attacks on the Palestinians. He will also increase settlements and Judaisation and exercise more oppression, authoritarianism, and murder on the Palestinian people.

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This requires the Palestinian people, including their leadership and factions, to take initiative immediately and adopt a strategy and a national programme to address the enemy and rein in its attacks, especially settler attacks.

Although the Palestinian reconciliation seems far-fetched in light of the mutual campaigns between the two sides, the seriousness of the situation requires the formation of a unified leadership that will lead the battle of steadfastness and resistance in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Such leadership should be along the lines of the joint leadership formed during the glorious second Intifada.

Netanyahu's insistence on waging attacks and denying the Palestinian people their rights calls for, and even forces the Palestinian leadership and factions from the far right to the far left to remove itself from the position of reaction and from limiting resistance to weekly protests and demonstrations (Al-Khan Al-Ahamr, Kafr Qaddum, and Ni'lin). Instead, daily demonstrations must be held across the country, like those during the second intifada, according to a revolutionary programme that includes the entire nation and only ends with the end of the occupation.

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In summary, the year 2019 is a very dangerous year that will witness an unprecedented bloody conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli projects. As the terrorist Netanyahu tries to break the will of the Palestinian people and impose the fait accompli, the leadership and factions are required to immediately mobilise the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and engage them in a battle of steadfastness and resistance, as is the case with our people in Gaza.

It is the battle of survival and existence, and it must be prepared and confronted, with all determination and firmness. We must not escape from its consequences and our responsibility in the face of the enemy's determination to uproot our people from their land.

Let everyone's slogan be: there is no substitute for victory, but victory, and no alternative to resistance but resistance.

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