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Fatah will not accept national unity with Hamas, official says

Member of Fatah’s Central Committee Hussein Al-Sheikh said in a statement that “the US draft resolution, which condemns Hamas, to be proposed to the UNGA to is completely rejected”.
Member of Fatah’s Central Committee Hussein Al-Sheikh

Senior Fatah official and Palestinian Authority (PA) minister Hussein Al-Sheikh has said that his movement would never accept national unity with Hamas.

Speaking on TV, he said: "Forming a national unity government reinforces division and we will never accept this even if all of us perished."

He added: "We will never allow this to happen under any circumstances. We will never allow a reactionist faction, who does not believe in partners and kills democracy, to rule the country."

Al-Sheikh continued: "I am not speaking about a national unity government with Hamas because this reinforces the division."

He concluded: "In 2006, we recognised that we would lose the elections, but insisted to go, beaten and Hamas won."

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