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No rights will be lost as long as the resistance is behind them

A Palestinian man stands inside a building which was raided by Israeli troops in Ramallah, on 20 March 2019 [ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/Getty]
A Palestinian man stands inside a building which was raided by Israeli troops in Ramallah, on 20 March 2019 [ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/Getty]

Aren’t those who race towards normalisation and into the arms of Israel ashamed of themselves when they see a young man, still at the beginning of his life, manage, on his own, to strike fear and panic in the hearts of the Israeli enemy, armed with weapons? When they see this young man take their weapons and fight the forces with them, forcing them to flee the scene after two were killed and two others were seriously injured. He even managed to take over their military vehicle and attack some settler gatherings, raising panic amongst them. He killed an extremist rabbi and soldiers, and then safely withdrew from the scene of the attack.

I am referring to the legendary hero, Omar Abu Laila, the 19-year-old, who exhausted the occupation forces’ resources for two days as they looked for him everywhere, with the help of the PA of security coordination, the PA of shame and disgrace. It managed to find Abu Laila through an informant and then informed the occupation forces the location of the house he was holed up. The occupation forces stealthily arrived at the house with 40 military vehicles. They surrounded him, and the brave resistance fighter refused to surrender. He resisted for over an hour until the last bullet hit his body and he was killed.

Tell the story of the hero Omar Abu Laila to your children so they learn the meaning of courage and fighting against the enemy, no matter how powerful the enemy is because faith in God and the power of the truth that they possess is stronger than any weapon their enemy can have. No rights backed by resistance will be lost to teach your kids the value of the land and how they can shake the earth under the feet of those who seized their land.

The 19-year-old hero Omar Abu Laila has made us feel small. He was the teacher and we the students, teaching the entire nation a lesson about its historical enemy, showing it to be weaker than we imagine and more cowardly than we believe.

At a time when the Arab rulers are afraid of Israel and are throwing themselves in its arms, asking for protection and warm peace, the Salfit attack confirmed that the Arab armies were created to protect this fragile entity. A single Palestinian acted like an entire army who shook Israel to its core, imagine what all of the Arab armies could do if they would rise against Israel? Nothing would be left of the state, but these armies would not so this because the leaders of the Arab countries are appointed by Israel itself as its guards, spies, and border control, protecting it from the anger of the people.

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Omar Abu Laila was not the first young man to fight the epic Palestinian battle throughout history and to sacrifice their blood for this, nor will he be the last. The fight will continue until the land is returned to its rightful owners and when the invaders are expelled, and Palestine is restored to us; all of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

Resistance is the solution. This is proven time and time again, with every act of resistance. It is a clear fact that the resistance, legitimised by all international laws and covenants, is the solution to salvation from the Israeli nightmare. It is the only way to Palestine, and any other solution is a mirage and misguided. The alleged peace they talk about is merely a surrender to the status quo, giving in to defeat. The Palestinians have been tricked into the so-called Oslo Accords, which disregarded the national Palestinian constants and replaced them with the recognition of Israel after it was considered a taboo that no one dared to utter or think. In exchange, the Palestinians were given a fake Palestinian authority and false promises of establishing an imaginary Palestinian state that only exists on paper.

For a quarter of a century, the Palestinians have been lost, engaging in negotiations and leaving them to begin new ones, and then again leaving negotiations only to enter new ones. This is an endless cycle of negotiations, which are being held for the sake of negotiations and nothing else while the Palestinian cause is lost in these negotiations and fruitless talks. They forgot or neglected their cause, the cause of liberating the land seized by the occupation, which requires a fight against the occupation. This conflict is not one between two adversaries that requires negotiations and mediators between them. They were blinded and foolish when they referred to the US, the enabler of their enemy, an honest mediator for negotiations.

For a quarter of a century, the imaginary PA has been a part of the Zionist project using its security coordination with the occupation forces. The PA has pursued and chased after free Palestinians everywhere, cracking down on them and arresting activists. The PA’s security agencies inform the occupation of the locations of heroic resistance fighters to liquidate them, as was the case with Omar Abu Laila, and Ahmad Jarred and many others before him. The Head of the Shin Bet called Major General Majed Faraj, the head of the Palestinian General Intelligence agency and expressed his sincere gratitude for the information Faraj provided him with, which led the Israeli forces to the location where Abu Laila was holed up. What can we say about this treacherous PA, which has reached rock bottom in its betrayal? Shame on the Oslo authority and down with Oslo Accords!

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Each and every heroic act of resistance proves that the Palestinian people will not give in or surrender. They are an undefeatable nation, created to resist and this is what scares the occupation. This is a fact that most Israelis, if not all, understand. When will Arab Zionists realise this and understand that the Palestinian people cannot be dominated and will not surrender and become aware that Israel is at its weakest point since it was born as a killer in 1948 and that it is on the fast track to its inevitable end?

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