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The renewed spring and the ongoing revolution

April 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm

Thousands of students, doctors and civil servants stage a protest to demand President Abdelaziz Bouteflika step from power, in front of Central Post Office Square in Algiers, Algeria on 19 March 2019 [Farouk Batiche/Anadolu Agency]

The resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algeria and the mass popular revolutionary movement spreading across the spectrum in Sudan was the practical decisive response to claims that the Arab Spring failed and reached the end. It will also refute the claims that the so-called counter-revolutions, which were funded by the Arabs and plotted by the West, succeeded in aborting the Arab Spring revolutions and aborting these nations’ eager will for freedom, dignity and new independence.

The conspiracies and plotting in the countries that have witnessed the Arab Spring over the last eight years, beginning from Tunisia and passing through Libya, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, which joined part of the Arab democratic movements, and the witnessed crime and repression, have all ended up in failure. This is despite the fact that it seems to have achieved some momentary results. However, this definitely does not mean these conspiracies succeeded in robbing the will of these peoples, and thus eliminating their aspirations and their hopes for a better tomorrow and a free and decent life.

The youth expressed the will of the nation in peaceful and civilised manners, since Mohamed Bouazizi burned his body in protest against injustice in Tunisia eight years ago. He did not realise that his actions would be the match that would blow up the haystack and gunpowder built by the military republics on the ruins of the coloniser’s state that has gone, leaving behind these military elites to protect its interests. This game, i.e. ruling by proxy of the military republic, from which the people were fed up, was not meant to last indefinitely. The accumulation of its oppressive and thieving policies led to the accumulation of the public’s discontent, which exploded suddenly, destroying all the facades created by the military governments’ media, the appearance of the complete silence of nations who were oppressed and repressed. Their awareness of their rights emerged from all of the suffering and oppression, exploding at a time when no leader expected it, not even their masters and their research centres, which monitored everything and falsified many of the facts on the ground in the post-independence military states.

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We are well aware of how lenient the West, the protector of democracy and guardian of its path, is with these regimes, whose people revolted against them. The Arab Spring revolutions dotted many I’s and crossing many T’s regarding the firm statements related to the democratic West, the liberal elites, and the enlightened secularists who demand human rights and democracy. The West has been exposed to us, stripped of all the values it calls for, while the low-life thieving elites, which suddenly became a chorus of informants and mouthpieces promoting lies claiming the Arab people cannot function with democracy and human rights, and that the only thing that works for them is a strict dictatorship.

Nahda Movement Representative Abdulkarim al-Haruni attends a rally marking the eighth anniversary of "Arab Spring" at Habib Burgiba Street in the capital Tunis on 14 January, 2019 [Nacer Talel/Anadolu Agency]

Nahda Movement Representative Abdulkarim al-Haruni attends a rally marking the eighth anniversary of “Arab Spring” at Habib Burgiba Street in the capital Tunis on 14 January, 2019 [Nacer Talel/Anadolu Agency]

Today, the people know the path to their will and freedom and they are now more capable of fighting, being patient and making sacrifice than ever. The value of dignity and freedom and its high price of blood and suffering have grown in the eyes of the people.

As for the counter-revolution camp, it spent all its money, cunning and evil energy but it did not manage to stop the flow of the revolution and the will of freedom and dignity. Instead, its plotting, lack of morals and principles, and political bankruptcy have been exposed and will have destructive and severe consequences on this campaign to destroy and sabotage values and countries.

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The events in the Arab region today, even in the countries witnessing the first wave of the Arab Spring are occurring as a result of the nation’s ingenuity and their determination to triumph, regardless of the consequences. Many thought they could bring an end to the revolutions in these country but were unable to and will remain unable to.

A few weeks ago, after the Syrian city of Dara’a fell into the hands of the regime, the authorities decided to rebuild the city beginning with replacing a statue of former president, Hafez Al-Assad, which opposition groups had destroyed. The regime plans to erect the statue in its original place. This was met with protests in the city, condemning the regime’s actions. This incident is a major indicator that the revolution did not die, despite the defeat witnessed by the opposition here and there, due to the mismanagement of the revolution and the infiltration of informants into the heart of the oppositon, thus derailing it in order to allow its enemies to deal blows to the revolution and abort it.

This article first appeared in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on 4 April 2019

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