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Global campaign against normalisation launched from Lebanon

April 5, 2019 at 12:42 am

Secretary-General of the Global Coalition for Quds and Palestine, Mohammad Akram Al-Adlouni speaking at a press conference in Beirut.

A global campaign to resist normalisation with the Israeli occupation was launched todayin Beirut, Lebanon, with the participation of national, political, pan-Arab and cultural Palestinian and Lebanese figures.

This came at a press conference in which the Secretary-General of the Global Coalition for Jerusalem and Palestine, Mohammad Akram Al-Adlouni said that one of the most critical challenges facing the Palestinian people today is the ability to stop attempts to normalise relations with Israel at time when countries are rushing to improve their links with the occupation state.

The General Coordinator of the Palestine Youth Abroad Initiative, Abdullah Al-Rifai, called on the youth to reject normalisation in all its academic, political, technical, and economic forms.

The campaign is scheduled to start on Saturday and continue for one week. It will be marked by marches and events around the world in conjunction with the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip and the demonstrations in Jerusalem, and via social networking sites through the Hashtag “Against Normalisation”, according to the organisers.

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The campaign aims to raise awareness within Arab societies about the dangers of normalisation with the Israeli occupation, which is rampant in the Arab countries at the official level, according to campaigners. ”

Sheikh Ali Al-Yusuf, chairman of the Association of Scholars against Normalisation, pointed out that “our Islamic world needs rulers that openly rule against normalisation that is forbidden by law with those who occupy and steal the land and desecrate it.”

He added that “the situation requires struggle and jihad in the battle for change. But if we accept normalisation, this means that we abandoned our rights and betrayed the resistance.”

In a statement of the Moroccan Observatory against Normalisation with Israel, Ahmed Khalifa praised “those who refused to normalise relations with Israel,” saying: “We, in the Arab Maghreb, are facing continuous attempts of normalisation with the occupation, but we are standing against it.”