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'Miles of Smiles 36' aid convoy arrives in Gaza through Rafah Border Crossing

June 4, 2019 at 12:52 am

The second group of the medical aid convoy, “Miles of Smiles 36” arrived in the Gaza Strip through Rafah Border Crossing, Monday.

Khaled Al-Yousef, the coordinator of the Miles of Smiles convoy in Europe, said that the aid received by the Ministry of Health in Gaza include 100,000 units of intravenous feeding solutions that are enough for more than three months.

Issam Yousef, the head of the Miles of Smiles convoys, said that these medical aid are part of the humanitarian aid being brought into the “Miles of Smiles 36” convoy that arrived in Gaza in early May.

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Yousef stressed that the convoy is working to introduce vital medicines to Gaza in the upcoming days, noting that the convoy delegation has been briefed on the tragic and challenging health conditions during its recent visit to Gaza.

The convoy is designed to support the health sector in Gaza. Just before its arrival, the caravan brought in large quantities of medical solutions and supplies and medicines into the Gaza Strip, along with vehicles and wheelchairs for people with special needs, as well as several ambulances.

The convoy has also carried out several charitable activities and projects. These include treatment for people wounded during the ‘marches of return’ and the recent attack on Gaza, as well as the distribution of quantities of foods to needy families and material and in-kind assistance to those affected by the attack and siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.