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Dissident leader of Hatfar’s army: ‘Haftar forces involved in torture and murder in Benghazi’

Libya Chief of Staff, Marshall Khalifa Haftar [File photo]
Libya Chief of Staff, Marshall Khalifa Haftar [File photo]

The dissident leader of Haftar forces, Mohammed Hijazi, revealed that Hafar’s soldiers had been involved in assassinations in Benghazi after the launch of Operation Dignity.

During an interview with Al-Chahed program on Libya Alahrar TV, Hijazi stated: “Haftar forces carried out multiple violations in Benghazi and act amounting to war crimes. They burned houses and assassinated Haftar’s oppositionists.”

Hijazi’s statements revealed orders issued by Khalifa Haftar to buy and distribute 30 civilian vehicles among fighters to carry out assassinations against those he referred to as leaders of terrorism in Benghazi.

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The dissident commander said that some people, with no ties to terrorism, have been murdered because they belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the most prominent figures assassinated by Haftar forces was Meftah Bou Al-Nafra, an activist in the city of Al-bayda. According to Hijazi, Al-Nafra “was tortured and killed in Ar-Rajma camp. His body was then thrown in the middle of the street”. Hijazi refused to unveil the name of the killer, for fear of fuelling tribal tensions.

Hijazi explained that the hostilities committed by Haftar forces were rejected by some military officers. However, Haftar insisted on carrying out the assassinations, saying: “There are no human rights in war.”

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