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Iraq condemns Israeli strike and Pentagon starts investigation

August 28, 2019 at 2:37 am

Iraqi President Barham Salih and Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi condemned airstrikes, allegedly carried out by Israeli forces, which targeted bases and weapons depots belonging to Iraqi armed groups near the Syrian border, Monday.

According to Iraqi News Agency, both leaders described the strikes as “an attack on Iraqi sovereignty” while calling for national unity.

In contrast, the Pentagon said its forces did not attack the convoy or, recently, on weapons depots, but did not clarify whether the United States provided air support.

The Pentagon added: “We support Iraqi sovereignty, and have repeatedly objected to any possible moves by external actors inciting violence in Iraq.”

The Pentagon referred to its cooperation with the Iraqi side leading the investigation into the attacks.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) conveyed in a statement on Sunday that the strikes took place near the border with Syria.

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The PMF indicated that two drone fighter aircraft carried out the attacks, leading to the death of one of its fighters and seriously wounding another. It also accused the United States of providing air support for Israel during the attack.

A security source told Reuters that there were two airstrikes. The first targeted the headquarters of a local force, while the other hit a convoy of cars while leaving the headquarters.

The attack took place after a series of explosions that took place during recent weeks, in weapons depots belonging to the PMF supported by Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu hinted, on Thursday, to the probability of Israel’s involvement in the destruction of armouries belonging to the PMF.

Netanyahu continued: “We are working, not only when necessary but in many areas against a country that wants to exterminate us. Of course, I gave the security forces order to act freely and do whatever necessary to thwart Iran’s plans.”