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Moscow: 'US coalition to secure navigation will not bring stability'

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova [File photo]
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova [File photo]

Russia declared on Friday that US actions in the Persian Gulf region “will not bring stability to the region,” referring to the coalition that Washington is seeking to form, so as to secure maritime navigation.

During a press conference, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented on a question referring to the new alliance, stating “we have been repeatedly providing an answer for this question, starting from the fact that all measures taken in this region should have a major objective of stabilising the situation.”

“Unfortunately, politics, including that of the US and a number of other countries, does not lead to this result, but rather to the opposite,” Zakharova explained.

“All measures taken in this regard should be legally justified and should aim to improve and stabilise the situation in the region.”

On Wednesday and Thursday, Saudi Arabia and the UAE announced that they would join an international alliance proposed by Washington, revealing that from next November, they would use 55 ships to patrol sea waters near Iran.

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