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Libya: clashes in southern areas of Tripoli after hours of cautious calm

September 23, 2019 at 4:48 am

Clashes resumed on Sunday between the forces of the Government of National Accord and forces of the retired brigade Khalifa Haftar in southern areas of the Libyan capital Tripoli, after hours of cautious calm.

According to Anadolu Agency’s correspondent, the clashes resumed after Haftar’s forces tried to advance towards Al-ʿAzīzīyah District of Bir Alleg area.

The source explained that the clashes also resumed in the areas of El-Sbeaa and Sog Al-Khmies Emsihel.

In the same context, the Media Centre of Operation Volcano of Range of the Government of National Accord forces announced that its forces had strengthened their positions in the axis of El-Sbeaa.

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The Centre noted in a brief statement that they were able to “arrest a number of Haftar’s forces militias” without specifying their number or mentioning further details.

Since 4 April, Haftar’s forces have started an offensive to take control over the capital, Tripoli, where the internationally recognised Government of National Accord is located.

However, Haftar’s forces have so far failed to achieve their goal despite “limited” field gains at the start of the offensive, with confirmations of their decline in recent time and their loss of a lot of their control areas.