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Egypt: Urgent request to revoke the nationality of Mohamed Ali

The Egyptian lawyer, Leila Maklad, filed an urgent request to the Egyptian Attorney General to revoke the Egyptian nationality from the actor, film producer and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali Abdel Khaleq.

The communication came against the backdrop of "Ali's insulting of the Egyptian army and the political leadership of the Egyptian state and his call for demonstrations and striking the stability of the country."

Maklad called for "legal action against the actor and real-estate investor Mohamed Ali since he has committed illegal and criminal acts. He has spread rumours about the Egyptian army commanders, publishing obscenity against the Egyptians and the political leadership".

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Se went on, "Mohamed Ali published false and misleading news in order to create chaos in the country. He calls for demonstrations so to strike at the stability of the country. He threatens the unity, security and stability of Egypt and destabilises security and public peace."

Further, "According to the law, Egyptian nationality may be revoked from any person who resides abroad and who joins a foreign body to undermine Egypt's social and economic system by force or any other illegal means."

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