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Hamas fines son of one of its senior leaders

Ismail Ridwan
Hamas official Ismail Ridwan

Hamas has fined the son of one of its officials 5,000 Jordanian dinars ($7,052) for the misuse of a Saudi Hajj grant, a statement revealed yesterday.

In a statement the movement said Anas Ridwan, son of Hamas spokesperson Ismail Ridwan had violated the rules of the grant and deceived the PLO committee which runs the grant in order to use it for his family this year.

The decision was made after an investigation was launched into the use of the grant money.

For his part, Anas said he had not violated the rules of the PLO Committee charged with distributing the grant saying his family qualified to receive it. He said social media users had claimed his father had broken the rules to allow him to benefit from the funds.

“Regardless of his father’s status as a Hamas leader, Anas Ridwan did not violate the rules and his father has nothing to do with the committee,” Intisar Al-Wazeer, the head of the PLO Shuhadaa Committee which runs the grant, said in a statement.

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