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The Arab World's most haunted places

The Arab world has tales of spirits, jinns and ghouls going back a millennia. Here are our top 4 most haunted places to visit...

October 31, 2019 at 5:32 pm

The Arab world has tales of spirits, djinns and ghouls going back a millennia, would you spend Halloween in one of our top four most haunted places in the region?

4. Al Jazirah Al Hamra, UAE

In 1968, the town’s 2,500 residents abandoned it, leaving behind most of their belongings. Some believe the townspeople left due to a tribal dispute, while others claim paranormal activity drove the locals out.

3. Grand Aley Hotel, Lebanon 

Screams, voices and strange noises are sometimes heard in this deserted Beirut hotel. Once a place of luxury, armed militia groups took it over during the Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990. Kidnappings, torture and murders are believed to have taken place here.

2. The Burning House of Giza, Egypt

Fires mysteriously break out at the start of each Islamic month at this Cairo house. A little girl who lives there claims spirits warn her of an impending fire and she is able to escape before it begins.

1. Azemmour city, Morocco

Built by the Portuguese in 1513, this picturesque city is frequented by a man-hating female spirit, Aisha Kandisha. Some say she has 35,000 husbands and that she possesses, kills or rapes men.

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