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UAE freezes assets of dissident who tweeted about death of Sultan bin Zayed

November 29, 2019 at 2:34 am

Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed; half-brother of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed died on 18 November 2019

An Emirati dissident announced on Thursday that the UAE authorities have frozen his bank account at the Dubai Islamic Bank because he discussed the death of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed; half-brother of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

The Emirati academic Youssef Al-Youssef tweeted: “Imagine what is happening in a country run by childish men. This is a foolish decision, and I do not know if Mohammed bin Zayed knows about it or not; however, I would like to remind him of the following: First, my money is legitimately earned and sanctified with Zakat. Secondly, you know that I am not involved in any lawsuits, and I have not infringed the rights of anyone. So, you can only take disciplinary measures against me if there is a court sentence unless you will be fabricating a political case in your unfair judiciary as usual.”

Al-Youssef continued: “I demand you, Mohammed bin Zayed, to look for those who stole some $12 billion from a sovereign fund a few years ago, unless you are a partner in this theft, rather than freezing my funds and those of my partners, who have nothing to do with my disagreement with you.”

Al-Youssef added: “Mohammed bin Zayed, I do not blame you or your brothers for this behaviour, which is similar to bandits’ demeanour, because you will not learn your lesson until you realise the danger of this indiscriminate conduct on people’s willingness to come and invest in Abu Dhabi. We have told you that justice is the basis of kingship, and that behaving like mafia will not lead to building a country. However, I will not blame you for not grasping my words because your intellectual abilities are so limited.”

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He pointed out that he will not be intimidated by the actions of Mohammed bin Zayed and his brothers to change his approach.

The Emirati oppositionist has previously revealed aspects of his relationship with Sultan bin Zayed, speaking about the reasons for his exclusion from the political scene by his half-brother Mohammed bin Zayed.

He also revealed the content of his meeting with Sultan bin Zayed, when the latter returned from one of his treatment trips abroad, saying that bin Zayed asked him to sit next to him. So, Al-Youssef asked him: “They are saying you are crazy, are you? At that moment, Sultan bin Zayed burst into laughter.

Al-Youssef explained that Sultan bin Zayed “had a solid conviction, humbleness, courage, and love for his people. He inherited, more than his brothers, the qualities of his father.”

He added: “Sultan, may Allah have mercy on his soul, dared to express good positions in front of his father, while the others were damaged. He kept in touch with me even when I left the country in 2015. I believe that if Sultan had not been exhausted and consumed by the machinations, he was subjected to, he would be today the man who leads Abu Dhabi, but on another path. ”

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Al-Youssef noted in his tweets that the leadership qualities Sultan bin Zayed enjoyed (former Chief of Staff), and his forwardness when telling the truth were the reason behind the schemes to keep him out of the scene; hinting that Mohammed bin Zayed and some of his brothers undertook the task.

Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed, born in 1955, is the half-brother of UAE ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the second son of the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The death of Sultan bin Zayed was announced on 18 November 2019.