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Egyptian pilot killed in fighter jet crash during training

The Egyptian military had announced that a pilot was killed in when a fighter jet crashed during training on Tuesday.

"In the context of carrying out the training activities of our air force, a fighter jet crashed in one of the training areas, which resulted in the martyrdom of its pilot," the Egyptian Armed Forces said on Facebook, adding that the army was still investigating into the cause of the crash.

In a similar context, local sources reported that Daesh fired a missile at an Egyptian fighter jet while flying at a low altitude over Rafah's southern village of Naga Shabana. "During a military operation to pursuit terrorist elements in the south of Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid cities, an Egyptian fighter was targeted by a missile, resulting in the plane's downfall," the army explained.

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The sources added that the plane's pilot was injured and kidnapped.

The crash comes as the Egyptian forces launch a series of missile attacks by warplanes on Daesh hotspots in Rafah, killing and injuring a number of their elements.

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