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Syria: US troops block Russian forces way to oil field

January 19, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Russian soldiers seen in their armoured vehicles at Tall Tamr district of Hasaka (AlHasakeh) in Syria on December 16, 2019 [Bekir Kasim / Anadolu Agency]

US soldiers present in regions under YPG group’s control in Syria, on Saturday stopped Russian soldiers who wanted to reach oil fields, according to a report by Anadolu Agency.

Dispute between the US and Russia about the Rumeylan oil field in northeast Hasakah is ongoing.

According to information Anadolu Agency obtained from reliable local sources, US soldiers blocked a Russian military patrols en route to the oil field.

Tension occurred between the two groups, when US soldiers asked Russian soldiers to return to the Amuda district in northwest of Hasakah.

Russian soldiers had to return to where they came from as their way to Rumeylan, where the US air base is located, was blocked.

On Thursday, the YPG group also prevented Russian soldiers to pass through Qamishli city to establish a military zone near the Rumeylan oil field, and did not let them reach the region.

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