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Yemen army chief calls to advance towards Sanaa

Soldiers of the People's Resistance Forces, loyal to President of Yemen Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi take part in a military parade during the 54th Anniversary of the Yemeni Revolution of 26 September, at Gamal Abdel Nasser street in Taiz, Yemen on September 26, 2016
Yemeni soldiers take part in a military parade in Taiz, Yemen on 26 September 2016

The Commander of Joint Operations at the Yemeni Ministry of Defence, Major General Sagheer Bin Aziz, yesterday called on the armed forces to advance towards the capital, Sanaa, to recapture it from the Houthis who took control of it in 2014.

"We call on the heroes of the national army to advance towards the capital, Sanaa, to recover it from the grip of the Iran-backed Houthi militias," Bin Aziz said in a statement reported by the armed forces media centre.

"This is the decisive battle to get rid of the Houthis, our promise is Sanaa, God willing," he added.

The Yemeni armed forces supported by the Saudi-led coalition have been fighting the Houthis in the district of Nehm, some 60 kilometres north-east of the capital Sanaa. They have taken control of some of the areas in that region as a result.

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