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Rare fish breeds appear in Gaza after recent drop in temperature

Lately, intense tides brought in a large variety of fish and rare breeds near Gaza's coast

January 27, 2020 at 2:01 pm

The latest drop in temperature prevented Gaza fishermen from sailing for several days, but the intense tides brought in a large variety of fish and rare breeds.

Fishermen who sailed from the Gaza port after the choppy weather caught Ocean Sunfish. It is the largest fish caught on the Gaza coast in a long time and weighs a tonne.

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This fish, internationally known as the Mola Mola, is not eaten as it contains harmful toxins. It is characterised by its strange appearance, as at first glance, its back half is missing because it does not have a tail fin and it has a flat horizontal body. Its skin is brown and it has small round pectoral fins and a small mouth that is difficult to close. Its eyes are relatively small compared to the size of its body and it has fused teeth that form a beak.

A fish known locally as the kola fish was also caught. It is a fatty fish from the shark family and is approximately 270 centimetres in length.