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The ‘deal of the century’ will not be stopped by condemnation alone

January 28, 2020 at 5:15 pm

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip protest against the US’ deal of the century which is due to be unveiled today on 28 January 2020 [Mohammed Assad/Middle East Monitor]

It seems that the US administration is serious about revealing the terms of the “deal of the century” today. Promises to do so by President Donald Trump and his aides over the past three years were not kept, but this time it looks as if it is for real. Unofficial and intermittent leaks have not made us trust their statements. Trump is unpredictable and impulsive, and likes shocks and surprises as he manages his world via Twitter, where he reveals policies and positions, insults his opponents and even dismisses senior aides.

However, the situation is different now, as he faces an impeachment hearing and Israel is stuck in a political crisis necessitating a third General Election in less than 12 months in March. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also facing criminal indictments and a possible prison sentence. All of this makes the timing of the announcement of the so-called deal of the century rather suspect and potentially very dangerous, as rumours meet facts; theory turns into practice; and threats become actions.

The Palestinians are now facing a real confrontation with the unreasonable Trump and his hatred, and his racist administration. The situation is intense and the threat is real. There is no time for deliberation, anticipation and testing of policies. What is coming is dangerous and serious, and more difficult than predicted.

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However, we must not fear confrontation. Our land has been occupied for decades; our rights have been usurped; our homes have been taken over; and our religious sites have been desecrated. Since 1948, the Israeli occupation has been wreaking havoc on our land, looting, stealing, seizing, expelling, killing, destroying, and demolishing. Israel has been trying to erase our identity and change our personality, believing that we Palestinians would concede our rights and its existence in our land would make it Palestine no longer. And yet we are still here.

Today, the US is supporting this hateful occupation economically, politically and militarily. Nevertheless, we have survived, persevered, struggled, resisted, fought and defied Israel and its allies. We have not given up and simply surrendered. We are still committed to our rights, beliefs and positions that have thwarted the enemy on numerous occasions.

The US and Israel should not believe that might is right; and their corrupt leaders should not think that they will succeed in whatever they announce. This is Palestinian territory; an Arab land and a predominantly Islamic civilisation. Its identity cannot be erased, its civilisation cannot be distorted, its landmarks cannot be changed, and its features cannot be replaced. Perhaps their arrogance in going against international laws and conventions which have governed global activities since the end of World War Two will turn against them and thwart their plans; they too could face coups. Their unjust “deal” could hasten their end.

However, the effects of the supposed “peace plan” cannot be tackled by a short-lived uprising or anger; or loud condemnations which carry no real weight and soon die out. They will have no effect and will not produce any action, which is what our enemies have grown accustomed to and prepared themselves for. They are ready to be patient.

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Nor should we lose yet more young men and women martyrs; their sacrifice will not stop the “deal”. Without strong leadership and support they will simply lose their lives and freedom. The enemies of our people, meanwhile, will not bat an eyelid.

In the face of this new ordeal, therefore, we need to back our willingness and steadfastness with a united programme and plan signed up to by all of the Palestinian movements and factions. Moreover, we should abandon Oslo — which was always a major sin against our people and land —and end the shameful security coordination with Israel.

A united front must restore the spirit of resistance and physical confrontation. Days and weeks and months of revolution are the only way to cast fear into the hearts of the enemy. We can thus strike a blow and humiliate Trump, reining him in and silencing him. Failure to stand up to the “deal of the century” will be a political boost for Netanyahu, allowing him to seize the opportunity for a political victory which overshadows his personal difficulties. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen.

This article first appeared in Arabic in Felesteen on 27 January 2020

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