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UAE urged to pull Sudan mercenaries out of Libya

Protesters are angry at the UAE's recruitment of local young men who are being sent to fight in Libya

January 30, 2020 at 2:29 am

A Sudanese minister announced on Wednesday that his country called on the UAE to return Sudanese citizens who were sent to the areas controlled by the militias of retired Major General Khalifa Hafter, who is supported by Abu Dhabi in Libya.

“The Sudanese government is communicating with the UAE about the citizens who have been recruited to work in Libya,” stated Sudanese Information Minister Faisal Mohamed Saleh in a news conference.

He added that “the UAE has been asked to immediately respond to Sudan’s demand to return the Sudanese who want to return to their country voluntarily.”

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Saleh also pointed out that the Sudanese young men who went under work contracts to Abu Dhabi “were given the choice of working as security guards in the UAE or as guards of oil installations in Libya.”

On Tuesday, 50 Sudanese young men, who were undergoing training by a security firm in Bayati Camp in the UAE, arrived in Khartoum and immediately headed to the UAE embassy in Khartoum to demand their rights, according to Sudan Tribune website.

Protests in Sudan against recruiting Sudanese nationals as mercenaries, after being deceived by Abu Dhabi that they would work as security guards # UAE’s mercenaries.

Emirati security firm Black Shield had sent a group of Sudanese young men against their will to Libya, violating their work contracts signed in the UAE.

In turn, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in press statements that it is investigating the matter of Sudanese young men with the Abu Dhabi government after the company sent them against their will to Libya.

“We will ensure the safety of the Sudanese young men who were sent by an Emirati firm to guard oil fields in Libya,” stressed the ministry.

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