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PA Ambassador in Bosnia says life in Europe does not fulfil migrants’ dreams

February 10, 2020 at 10:46 am

Hundreds of migrants from different countries are gathered on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s border with Croatia, awaiting an opportunity to continue on to the EU country, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 24, 2018 [Samir Yordamoviç/Anadolu Agency]

The Palestinian Authority Ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina has warned that tourism companies in Gaza issue very expensive and very fake visas to the country, but life in Europe does not meet fulfil migrants’ dreams, Al Watan Voice has reported.

Riziq Al-Namoura said that several migrants from Palestine had arrived in Sarajevo, but were sent back to Turkey and Egypt because of the fake visas.

He warned Palestinians not to leave their country even if they live on the streets. “I tell my sons in the Gaza Strip not to surrender yourself to the hasslers. Whoever arrives in Europe will be no more than a vagrant and will not have any work or a future.”

Al-Namoura pointed out that whatever dreams migrants might have about Europe are mistaken. “All that you hear about the dignified life in Europe is just propaganda and absolutely wrong. Europe has stopped receiving refugees and the procedures to get asylum are very complicated.”

The ambassador noted that his embassy offered one-way travel documents for the Palestinians who arrived illegally in Sarajevo, and added that he is contact with everyone in order to give his advice.

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