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Iraq’s Sadr dissolves own ‘Blue Hats’ unit accused of killing protesters

February 13, 2020 at 10:47 am

Iraq’s influential leader Muqtada Al-Sadr on Tuesday dissolved his own “Blue Hats” units for attacking and killing protesters in the Iraqi city of Najaf last week.

“I announce the dissolution of the Blue Hats, and I do not accept the [Sadrist] movement’s presence in and of itself at the protests, unless it is absorbed into them,” he said on Twitter.

Al-Sadr had initially supported the anti-establishment protests; however recently he withdrew his support for the protests after the country’s political elite selected Mohammed Allawi as prime minister; asking his followers to leave the protests.

Soon after withdrawing his support for the protests; members of the Blue Hats units attacked demonstrators in the capital, Baghdad and other major cities.

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Al-Sadr has also called on the Iraqi security forces to expel the saboteurs from the protest squares and protect the peaceful protesters.

He added that an investigation is being conducted into the violent attack on protesters in Najaf city where eight protesters were killed.

Al-Sadr also called on protesters not to free mix during sit-ins. Many however mocked the cry and took to social media to call for Al-Sadr not to “interfere” in the “people’s protest”.

In an attempt to ridicule Al-Sadr’s tweet, young men and women posting images of them cross-dressing as a humorous way to overcome Al-Sadr’s decree.