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Morocco artist Maryam Hussein released from prison in UAE

Early February this year, Maryam Hussein was arrested [Instagram]
Early February this year, Maryam Hussein was arrested [Instagram]

Moroccan artist, Maryam Hussein, has been released from prison despite the final judgement issued by the Dubai Court of Appeal to serve a month in prison, followed by her deportation outside of the Emirates.

Emirati media revealed that Hussein has been released by an amnesty, without providing further details.

Hussein posted a statement on her Instagram account, through which she thanked the Emirati leaders, the judiciary and her lawyers.

She added: "Praise be to Allah; I was pardoned by the state of justice and law. I would like to thank my country, the United Arab Emirates. May this country grow more glorious and prosperous. I especially would like to thank our sovereign leaders and our sheikhs, the rulers of the state, who laid the foundations of justice and equality for all those who live in this nation which is dear to our hearts."

"Today I'm reaping the fruits of justice and I ask God the Almighty to add to the glory and pride of this country over time, and I would like to thank everyone who supported me in the moments of trouble, which passed in peace," Hussein continued.

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Hussein's story began two years ago, when she danced at her birthday party in an allegedly provocative way with US rapper Tyga, prompting lawyer, Salah Al Jassmi, brother of singer, Hussein Al Jassmi, to file a case against her.

In early February, Hussein was arrested to face a two-month prison sentence and deportation from the country once the prison sentence was complete.

Lawyer Al Jassmi explained that he did not wish this for her, but what happened was only a realisation of the legal right.

A United Arab Emirates court accused Hussein of "assaulting with her consent", which she denied, arguing that she was unaware that the singer was so close to her.

Hussein commented a day before her arrest: "My honour was abused in this video and with my consent! How can I show consent while I am giving my back to the singer and do not know what is happening behind me; otherwise, who have I been assaulted by: by Tyga or by the air? In case it is Tyga, where is he then? The two parties who assaulted each other by mutual consent must be brought to justice together. Besides, do you really see that I had assaulted or had been assaulted in this clip? I am African and this is how we dance, the same way as we dance Salsa and hold each other's hands while dancing."

Hussein denied the accusation of showing anti-public chastity and offensive acts with Tyga.

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