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Yemen’s Al-Mahrah calls for armed resistance against Saudi ‘occupation’

March 12, 2020 at 3:56 pm

Yemenis protests against the Saudi-led air strikes on 13 March 2019 [MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images]

Shaikh Ali Al-Harizi, a leader of the resistance movement in Yemen’s eastern Al-Mahrah province, on Tuesday declared that the peaceful resistance against the Saudi occupation has now entered a new stage of armed struggle following air raids by Saudi Apache helicopters. The movement opposes both Saudi and UAE involvement in Yemen.

Al-Harizi confirmed in an interview with YemenNet that the “sons of Mahrah” are at war with Saudi occupation forces, which he said had violated the sovereignty of Yemen and usurping ports, airport, port and camps, reports the Yemen Press Agency.

On 17 February, Saudi coalition Apache helicopters bombed a peaceful gathering of Mahrah locals who were trying to block Saudi armoured vehicles that were on their way to storm the border port of Shahan.

The province, which shares a border with Oman, is known for protecting its autonomy following last month’s incident, it was reported that local tribes fear Saudi intends to annex the province as  a means of gaining access to the Arabian Sea and to by-pass the Strait of Hormuz, although they have sought to justify their presence in claiming the territory is used as a supply route by Iran to smuggle weapons to the Houthi-led forces in the north of the country.

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