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Yemen: UAE-backed forces detain Saudi reinforcements 

UAE backed forces in Yemen [File photo]
UAE backed forces in Yemen, 16 June 2016 [Facebook]

Forces affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have intercepted and detained Saudi military reinforcements in the Yafei district of Lahj governorate in Yemen. The reinforcements were on their way to support the government forces fighting Houthi militants in Al-Bayda governorate, a military source said.

Al-Bayda governorate has been witnessing fierce battles between the Saudi- backed forces and the Houthis which have escalated following a recent large-scale attack by the government forces on Houthi positions in a number of districts.

Meanwhile, the commander of the security belt forces of the UAE-STC, Abdel Nasser Al-Ba’wah, threatened on Tuesday to close Aden Airport and its port if they are used in violation of preventive measures introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. Dozens of Yemenis protested in front of the airport, denouncing the Saud-led coalition countries for using the airport to reach the city.

Earlier, two Saudi military aircraft arrived at the airport carrying 170 Yemeni soldiers who had completed their training in the Kingdom, despite the government’s suspension of flights during the virus crisis.

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