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5 Egypt men arrested for verbally assaulting TV presenter Reham Saeed

Egyptian TV presenter Reham Saeed
Egyptian TV presenter Reham Saeed, 29 August 2019 [Reham Saeed/Facebook]

Five Egyptian men have been arrested for verbally assaulting the Egyptian TV presenter Reham Saeed.

According to the state-run Al-Ahram, the men insulted her over her 2018 detention when she was accused of child abduction and human trafficking.

According to reports at the time, Saeed was investigated and found to have arranged the abduction of two children so her and her team could film an episode on child abduction.

She denied the charges and was later acquitted.

In 2016 Saeed was suspended after she hosted a sexual harassment victim on her show and interrogated her about the incident, whilst playing video footage of the assault at a mall.

She accused Sumaya Tarik of wearing inappropriate clothing, blaming her for the assault then broadcast photographs of the Sumaya, including of her wearing a swimsuit.

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Throughout the episode she said: “Just as we judge harassers, we should do the same to women who harass men. And girls who encourage men to harass them by laughing, talking and dressing in a way that could lure those men.”

She also said: “Control your girls and protect them and nothing will happen to them.”

In 2019 Saeed was suspended after she said that on her show that overweight people are “a burden on their families and the state.”

She added: “Fat people are dead” and that you “lose part of your femininity if you’re fat.”

Earlier this year the famous belly dancer Sama El-Masry was detained on charges of debauchery and immorality after Saeed filed a complaint against her.

Saeed accused the dancer of libel and slander after Sama criticised her.

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