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Israel: intelligence minister insists no F-35s for UAE

Two US-made Israeli F-35 “Adirs” fly in formation, and display the US and Israeli flags, en route to Israel for their delivery on December 6, 2016 [U.S. Air Force/Wikipedia]
Two US-made Israeli F-35 fly in formation, displaying the US and Israeli flags on 6 December 2016 [U.S. Air Force/Wikipedia]

Israel's Minister of Intelligence insisted on Sunday that it is impossible for the UAE to be allowed to buy advanced US-made F-35 jet fighters, Kan TV has reported.

"We will act against the sale of F-35s to the UAE," said Eli Cohen. "We oppose [it]."

Cohen stressed that Israel would not allow the UAE or, indeed, any other countries in the Middle East to purchase the jets. This is, he explained, because the sale of such military hardware would affect Israel's military hegemony in the region.

He made his comments despite the announcement of a full normalisation deal between Israel and the UAE on 13 August. They echo similar remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office.

Although the New York Times reported that Netanyahu had agreed secretly to Trump's plan to sell advanced weapons to the UAE, his office pointed out that, "Repeating claims against Prime Minister Netanyahu does not turn them to facts."

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