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Muslim Brotherhood responds to Saudi Council of Senior Scholars

November 12, 2020 at 3:00 am

Spokesperson for the brotherhood Talaat Fahmy [TalatFahmy/Facebook]

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) responded on Tuesday evening to the statements of Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars accusing it of terrorism, and stressed that the organisation is based on a reformist ideology that advocates for Islam and not terrorism.

p announced: “The brotherhood, which was founded in 1928 in Egypt, is distant from acts of violence, terrorism and disseminating division between the nation’s components.”

Fahmy added: “The MB has been, since its establishment, a reformist advocacy group that calls to obeying Allah through sharing wise and pious advice without excess or negligence.”

He indicated that the brotherhood denies all the accusations of the Council of Senior Scholars, emphasising that: “The approach of the group is founded on the Holy Quran and the sahih of authentic hadith without exaggeration or extremism, and its history attests to that.”

The MB spokesperson continued: “The group, which is completely distant from acts of violence and terrorism, has always been a victim of the violence and terror of dictatorships.” Fahmy confirmed that: “The brotherhood remained biased towards the correct foundations of Islam and the just causes of the nation, the Palestinian cause first and foremost.”

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Fahmy relied on the views of prominent Saudi scholars of the brotherhood’s activities, namely, Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz, Abdullah Ibn Jibreen and Safar Al-Hawali, as well as the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta.

He asserted: “All of those scholars said that the brotherhood is one of the closest groups to truth, among Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama and the sects which achieved salvation, and attested that the group is moderate and intends to reform and advocate the teachings of Islam.”

Fahmy called on everyone to work on uniting the nation, spreading the teachings of Islam, defending the Sunnah of the Prophet, and confronting the dangers and conspiracy against Muslims.

The Council of Senior Scholars considered the brotherhood a terrorist organisation, following in the footsteps of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, which took a similar step in March 2014.

Meanwhile, Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah Abdul Latif Al Al-Sheikh tweeted that the council’s statement was: “Satisfactory and adequate, and leaves no excuse of ignorance after reading it.”

The council conveyed: “The brotherhood is a terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam. It is a perverted organisation that disobeys legitimate rulers, stirs up discord, conceals foul doings under the cover of religion, and practices violence and terrorism. The brotherhood did not show keenness to follow the teachings of Islam or the Sunnah and hadith, but aimed rather to reach power,” adding that the group was the incubator for many terrorist organisations.