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Morocco parties condemn Israel's attacks in Jerusalem

April 26, 2021 at 1:49 pm

Israeli forces intervene Palestinian young Muslims, who gathered after performing Tarawih prayer, with water cannon vehicle in Eastern Jerusalem on April 18, 2021 [Mustafa Deveci/Anadolu Agency]

The Moroccan Justice and Development Party and the Arab Maghreb Scholars League (AMSL) yesterday condemned the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem while expressing unconditional solidarity with Palestinians.

In its statement, the Justice and Development Party, which heads the government coalition, condemned “the attacks against the residents of Jerusalem in Damascus Gate and in separate areas of occupied Jerusalem,” stressing firm support for the Palestinian people.

The party also called on all forces in the country to “undertake initiatives that contribute to empowering the rights of Jerusalemites in their land and strengthening their steadfastness in the face of violations committed by the occupation.”

The AMSL said that it is “following up with great concern what is happening in Jerusalem amid continuous provocations practised by the unjust occupier [Israel].”

The AMSL affirmed its adherence to “the just cause of Palestine and the right of Palestinians to absolute sovereignty on their lands,” while calling on Muslim nations, leaders, and all international bodies to stand by the Palestinian people and their right to freedom.

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It called on all Palestinian forces “to unite to confront the oppressor (…) the stage needs unification of hearts, speech, and efforts.”

The AMSL is a scholarly advocacy group founded in 2013. It comprises a group of Sharia scholars in the Maghreb countries, who seek to guide and lead the Islamic Ummah.

Confrontations between Israeli forces and Palestinians escalated on Thursday in and around Jerusalem after Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians in the city. The attacks continued on Friday and Saturday.

Since Thursday, at least 130 Palestinians have been injured in confrontations with the occupation in the city, in addition to dozens of other casualties during solidarity activities within the occupied West Bank. Meanwhile, Israeli occupation police have arrested at least 100 Palestinians, according to Palestinian sources.