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'Aggression on Gaza is coming to an end, Hamas has won the battle of consciousness,' says Yedioth Ahronoth

May 15, 2021 at 1:36 pm

Smoke and flame rise after an attack over a building carried out by Israeli army, in Gaza City, Gaza on May 14, 2021 [Ali Jadallah / Anadolu Agency]

Israeli analyses consider that the continuous aggression carried out by the occupation on Gaza since last Monday “is nearing its end,” indicating that Hamas has won a battle of consciousness. In contrast, the Israeli army commanders boast of “the air force achievements”.

Chief political commentator of Yedioth Ahronoth, Nahum Barnea, conveyed on Friday: “Despite all the talk about the intensification of the attacks, Operation Guardian of the Walls is coming to an end.”

“The Israeli army command is proud of the achievements of the Air Force, including the major damage to the Hamas arsenal, assassinating senior officers, underground incursions, destroying Hamas’s offices and the city towers,” Barnea expressed.

He pointed out that during the cabinet meeting, the occupation army officers claimed that from a purely military perspective, Israel had achieved in 50 hours what it had not attained in 50 days during the aggression on Gaza in 2014.

Barnea remarked: “Hamas does not fight for its real estate or missiles, but rather for consciousness.” He noted that the movement completely won the battle of consciousness, and that: “Hamas leaders will have things to tell the press conference after the ceasefire.”

He asserted:

The bombing of Jerusalem and Gush Dan, and the continued firing of rockets despite the heavy bombardment of Gaza, made Hamas appear to the Arab World as the protector of Jerusalem and the holy sites, which ignited fire inside Israel.

According to Barnea: “Israel is in a maze, as the political leadership has no intention of moving to a ground operation and there are no plans to occupy areas. Nobody expects white flags waving on top of the homes of Gaza.”

He added: “The conclusion is clear for this operation, which has a name but has no stated goal. There is only one objective, which is time; in good circumstances seven years [of calm] like the 2014 aggression and in the worst of situations, four years.”

The political analyst indicated: “No one intends to change the paradigm and reach a long-term agreement or expel Hamas from Gaza. What has been will be again.” He continued: “By the end of the week, we will know whether the current round of fight has ended, or something has happened that will complicate and prolong the war.”

He claimed: “Jerusalem, which was the reason behind the conflict, is not in the spotlight anymore. No battles on Al-Aqsa Mosque, no demonstrations in Sheikh Jarrah, no marches of flags (led by the settlers), and in the West Bank, there is a strange silence as if war is being fought in another continent.”

Barnea concluded by predicting: “Maybe it is not the end of the war, but maybe it is the beginning of the end.”