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Israel blasts Bella Hadid for joining pro-Palestinian protest in New York

May 20, 2021 at 12:40 pm

Model Bella Hadid on 29 February 2020 in Paris, France. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images]

Israel’s official Twitter account criticised US model Bella Hadid for taking part in a protest in New York to condemn the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

“When celebrities like @BellaHadid advocate for throwing Jews into the sea, they are advocating for the elimination of the Jewish State,” the official Twitter account managed by Israeli Foreign Ministry wrote.

“This shouldn’t be an Israeli-Palestinian issue,” the account also said, adding: “This should be a human issue. Shame on you.”

Israel has killed 230 Palestinians, including 65 children, 39 women, and 17 elderly people, since 10 May, during its relentless bombing campaign. It has also wounded 1,710 people in Gaza.

Protests in major Western cities such as London, Paris, Rome, New York, and Dallas erupted as soon the bombing campaign was launched with large numbers of people taking part.

However, social media users called out Israel’s lies against the international model, with Editor of Ceasefire Magazine Hicham Yezza saying: “She said nothing of the kind. You’re deliberately promoting a vile and outrageous lie. But you knew that already. Shame on you.”

While, the Jewish sports journalist at the Nation Dave Zirin replied: “Telling Big Lies to demonize others has a horrific tradition in our Jewish history. To see you adopt these tactics is a shanda and a sin.”

Meanwhile, a CNN journalist Hilary Rosen replied: “When an official government account attacks a model for speaking out against them, I think they’ve lost the thread.”

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