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London Seminar: Israel's Law Enforcement on the Palestinians living under its rule

This online event will begin at 6pm UK time.
Palestinians stage a demonstration in support of Palestinian bedouins those who live in Khan al-Ahmar after Israeli authorities decided to destroy the houses of Palestinian bedouins in Khan al-Ahmar region of Jerusalem on 16 July, 2018 [Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency]

Palestinians in the territories of Palestine 1948 are citizens of Israel and thus live under the rule of the State of Israel. Yet, they do not enjoy the rights that the Jew-Israeli citizens have, most importantly the right to safety and security.

Arab communities in Israel are in complete legal chaos, as the crimes of murder and possession of weapons are perpetrated openly. While the Israeli government ignores the Arab gangsters' criminality that causes hundreds of deaths among Arab-Israeli citizens every year, it launches a massive campaign to arrest Arab protesters against it during the recent uprising in the area. This aroused many questions about the nature of Israeli police's law enforcement on the Palestinians living under its rule.

Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK invites you to attend an online seminar led by human rights activists and legal experts who will deeply discuss the local and international legal dimension of Israel Law Enforcement on Palestinians Living Under its Rule.


– Yousef Jabareen: Palestinian academic and politician.

– Rhys Davies: Barrister specialises in international criminal law and international human rights law.

– Jafar Farrah: Director of the Mossawah Center.

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