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PA: Anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression

June 12, 2021 at 3:37 pm

Protesters stage a demonstration outside Germany’s Representative Office in Ramallah in the Palestinian West Bank on May 22, 2019, following the Bundesta [-/AFP via Getty Images]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced on Friday that anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression and racism against Palestinians and encourages it to violate international law, Wafa news agency reported.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the PA expressed its concerns that some countries deal with the occupied Palestinians in the same way they deal with the Israeli occupiers. “They are dealing with the victim and victimiser in the same way,” the statement conveyed.

The statement also pointed out that many countries “do not criticise Israel in order to not be accused of being anti-Semites,” stressing that this encourages Israel to continue its aggression and its violations of international law.

“The fear of some states being accused of being anti-Semites give international immunity to Israel to carry out more crimes and helps it evade being held accountable for its crimes and violations of international law,” the PA expressed in the statement.

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The PA stressed that stopping Israeli aggression, punishing Israel over its crimes and holding it accountable for perpetuating the occupation: “Are the responsibility of the international community, mainly the United Nations Security Council.”

Meanwhile, the PA asserted: “There is a dangerous escalation in the Israeli attacks against Jerusalem, due to the lack of accountability,” noting that: “Israel is taking advantage of the silence of the international community and is accelerating the steps of displacement and demographic change in Jerusalem in an attempt to undermine the foundations of peace.”

The PA also indicated that the continuous Israeli raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the repeated aggression on the Palestinians would undermine the ongoing efforts to reach a stable ceasefire.