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Gaza Health Ministry warns of lack of medicine for cancer patients

"The real status of the cancer patients in Gaza is very bad they are being exposed to devastating conditions"

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza on Sunday warned of the repercussions of the lack of medicine and treatment protocols for cancer patients due to the continued Israeli blockade.

In a press conference held under the name "save cancer patients", Dr Muhammad Abu Nada, head of the oncology department at Al-Rantisi Hospital in Gaza, announced: "The lack of 60 per cent of medicines and treatment protocols for cancer patients undermines the possibility of their recovery."

He added: "The retention of the Israeli siege on Gaza, which is the reason for the lack of medicines and putting restrictions on the movement of patients who need treatment in the West Bank, Jerusalem or Israel, has resulted in the deaths of many cancer patients."

Dr Abu Nada noted that between 50 and 60 per cent of cancer patients in Gaza require urgent treatment outside the besieged enclave, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and atomic scanning, which cannot occur in Gaza.

"Preventing patients from travelling for treatment outside the Gaza Strip causes death resulting from repercussions that could be avoided," he pressed.

Dr Abu Nada called on the international community to pressure Israel to lift the restrictions imposed on the movement of patients from Gaza, to allow easy access to well-equipped hospitals in the West Bank and Israel.

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