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Hamas ‘shocked’ by Saudi sentences against Palestinians, Jordanians

August 9, 2021 at 10:49 am

Palestinians stand in solidarity with detained ex-Hamas leader Khodari [Middle East Monitor]

Hamas said it was “shocked” by the Saudi sentences against Palestinian and Jordanian detainees it has held since 2019.

In a statement issued yesterday, Hamas said: “We were shocked with the rulings issued by Saudi Judiciary against the Palestinian and Jordanian brothers who are living in the Kingdom.”

Hamas added: “Those brothers did not commit mistakes to get these harsh and unjustified sentences or even to be brought to court. All they did was support their cause and their people without any abuse to the Kingdom or its people.”

“As we welcome the acquittal of a number of the prisoners, we condemn the harsh sentences against most of the others.”

Meanwhile, Hamas called for Saudi Arabia to immediately release all the prisoners and end their suffering.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabian court sentenced Hamas representative to Riyadh Mohammed Al-Khodari to 15 years in prison.

Al-Khodari’s son, Hani, was sentenced to three years in prison, according to the family. Some 22 of the 69 Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners were handed prison terms ranging from five to 25 years. The others were acquitted.

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