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Tunisia experiencing worst heat wave since 1999

August 11, 2021 at 11:45 am

Tourists are seen along a hotel beach in Tunisia’s coastal city of Sousse on 21 July 2021 [BECHIR TAIEB/AFP/Getty Images]

Tunisia is experiencing the worst heat wave the country has seen since 1999, with temperatures expected to continue to rise today, and then begin cooling tomorrow, an official at the National Meteorological Institute of Tunisia (NIM) said.

In a video posted on NIM’s Facebook page, Mehrez Ghannouchi said: “Tunisia has not experienced a similar heat wave since 1999. We are witnessing air flows coming from the African Sahara through Algeria…Temperatures have exceeded normal figures in many regions, and we have set records in many instances, especially in Kebili governorate, where the temperature reached 49 degrees in the shade.”

He added that “during the past 24 hours, we set records for the north-western regions, such as Beja and Jendouba governorates, and today we set two records in Bizerte (46 degrees) and Monastir (43 degrees)… High temperatures may continue tonight between 31 and 38 degrees, and tomorrow, Wednesday.”

Tunisia will experience a gradual decline in temperature from tomorrow, he explained. “This decrease will be more noticeable on Friday with a decrease in temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees and a gradual return to normal numbers, especially in coastal regions.”

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