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Cohen: Israel’s Bennett does not control his cabinet ministers

October 12, 2021 at 10:15 am

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett speaks in Jerusalem October 12, 2021 in Jerusalem [Amir Levy/Getty Images]

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett does not control his cabinet ministers and everyone of them carries out his own agenda, Sama news agency reported Likud MK and former Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen saying yesterday.

Speaking to the Israeli TV Channel 7, Cohen said: “This government is malicious and it harms the country, security, politics and the economy in Israel.”

“These days, there is no prime minister in Israel and every minister is carrying out his own agenda.”

Cohen asked: “Can Bennett say anything to [Avigdor] Lieberman or [Benny] Gantz?”

The former intelligence chief continued: “He [Bennett] lacks control over his ministers. He returned the idea of dividing the land and creating a Palestinian state to the political arena. He cannot dictate anything to them. Here we see the weakness of Bennett.”

Cohen said that the previous government led by the Likud strengthened Israel’s position and took the Palestinian issue off the political agenda, “and now, Bennett is returning it.”

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