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Israel concerned by positions of new German gov’t

December 10, 2021 at 4:18 pm

Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany in Glasgow on 1 November 2021 [Doug Peters/UK Government/Anadolu Agency]

Israeli political and diplomatic circles are watching with earnest the change in power in Germany now Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping aside after 16 years.

Fears have arisen that the new German administration will not be as giving and supportive of Israel as its predecessor

Eldad Beck, a writer for Israel Hayom and author of several books on relations between Germany and Israel, wrote: “Berlin’s three-member coalition agreement spans 177 pages and includes a fairly detailed reference to ties with Israel. However, contrary to former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s last two governments, it have no mention of Israel’s Jewish character, a rather disturbing fact given that Germany vehemently opposed the basic law that states that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

He went on to condemn the coalition’s pledge to “call for the end of construction of settlements, which goes against international law”, saying in reference to the occupied West Bank: “We must also ask on what international law Germany bases its Jew-free Judea and Samaria claim.”

While also bringing into question its plan to continue to fund UNRWA, the UN aid agency established to support Palestine refugees.

With regards to Iran, which Israel views as an existential threat, Beck said the coalition hopes to conclude the nuclear talks as quickly as possible “with Iran returning to full compliance”.

“It seems that The Greens, who want to close every possible nuclear plant, will kneel before Iran to meet the needs of the German economy,” he concluded.

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