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Islamic Jihad: Arab League’s silence about Israel’s siege of Gaza ‘unjustified’

January 10, 2022 at 8:53 pm

Khaled al-Batsh leader of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza City, 27 June 2006 [MAHMUD HAMS/AFP via Getty Images]

Senior Islamic Jihad leader, Khaled Al Batsh, condemned, on Monday, the Arab League’s silence about Israeli siege of Gaza Strip as “absolutely unjustified.”

During a memorial ceremony for late head of Gaza’s administrative committee, Abdul Salam Siam, Al Batsh said: “Our conflict with the occupation is open and will never be closed unless after regaining the rights of the Palestinian people.”

The Israeli constant attack on Gaza – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

He added: “The Israeli occupation continues its violations against the Palestinian lands, Jerusalem and the Palestinians everywhere.”

Al Batsh condemned the Israeli occupation siege imposed on Gaza and said: “Silence of the Arab League about the Israeli siege of Gaza is absolutely unjustified.”

Meanwhile, he said: “Occupation’s racism in occupied Palestine (Israel) has sharply increased, and the noble resistance cannot accept to live with it or accept the retention of the occupation.”

The Islamic Jihad leader also called for the rights groups to “urgently move to end the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners, mainly those under administrative detention.”

He also called for activating the popular committees to protect the Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and hailed the security services in Gaza and its fight against Israel’s collaborators.

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