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Iran sends military reinforcements to Syria’s Homs

March 16, 2022 at 2:41 pm

Soldiers from the Imam Hussein Military University in Tehran, Iran on October 03, 2021 [Iranian Leader Press Office/Anadolu Agency]

The Iranian militias have sent huge military reinforcements to the eastern countryside of Homs in Syria.

Local sources were quoted by the media as saying that the reinforcements were due to be “starting a broad campaign targeting Daesh cells in the city.”

“Large numbers of militias of the Afghan Liwa Fatemiyoun and the Iraqi Al-Nujaba, have arrived in the eastern countryside of Homs, coming from the Deir Ez-Zor, Raqqa and Hama provinces,” the sources added.

The sources pointed out that more than 70 vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft and machine guns belonging to the militias had reached the city of Palmyra and Sukhna via the Deir Ez-Zor-Damascus road “without protection of warplanes or helicopters.”

The Russian forces, the sources noted, had sent “huge reinforcements from the National Defense militias in Hama countryside of Al-Suqaylabiyah to Palmyra.”

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The move came as the Syrian regime sent reinforcements in recent days from its Special Forces and the Desert Commandos Regiment.

Bashar Al-Assad’s militia was reported to have been defeated in recent days during combing operations carried out in the Jabal Al-Amour area in the Palmyra desert in the eastern countryside of Homs, leaving several soldiers dead and wounded.