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New Chile president calls for solidarity with Palestine like that for Ukraine

March 18, 2022 at 1:31 pm

Chilean President Gabriel Boric arives for a press conference with the international press at La Moneda Presidential Palace in Santiago on March 14, 2022 [MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP via Getty Images]

Chilean President Gabriel Boric called on the international community to show solidarity with Palestine as it has shown support for Ukraine.

Speaking to Canal 13 Boric said: “We are monitoring what is happening in Ukraine, such as the attack on a children’s hospital in the city of Mariupol, or the attack that targeted a military base 20 kilometres from Poland. We sympathise with the Ukrainian people because of war. However, there are a lot of other regions that witness other scourges, Palestine for example, nonetheless, we just see little solidarity.”

Boric explained that “Palestine has been occupied for a long time, and we do not know much about what is happening there.”

The president is a strong supporter of the Palestinians calling for importing goods from the occupied territories. He recently described Israel as “a criminal state” and called for the defence of human rights, irrespective of how powerful countries are.”

Chile is home to the largest Palestinian community in South America, with more than half a million Palestinians living there.

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