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Iran claims successful drone mission in Israel

April 30, 2022 at 1:47 pm

Iranian Quds force commander Esmail Ghaani in Tehran, on January 1, 2021 [STR/AFP via Getty Images]

Chief Commander of the Quds Brigade in the Iran Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani revealed on Friday that Iran had carried out a successful drone mission in Israel, Arabic Post reported.

According to Arabic Post, Iranian media reported Ghaani stating that 41 Israeli fighter aircraft failed to intercept the two Iranian drones that carried out the mission.

Ghaani stated that Israel justified its military moves relating to the failed interception with military drills.

“It is better for you to return to your original countries before it is too late,” Ghaani warned, addressing Israel.

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He added: “For over 70 years, the Israelis have failed to be a united nation. There is a news blackout on the racism that has reached its peak in (Israel).”

Meanwhile, Chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Hassan Salami affirmed, “Israel is preparing the conditions for its own destruction,” referring to its aggression against the Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians.

Salami shared that International Quds Day is an occasion to remind the people around the world about the Palestinian issue and the Israeli occupation and renew their support and solidarity with the Palestinians and their just cause.