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20-year-old Egyptian strangled after refusing to marry fiancée 

Kholoud Al-Sayed [@Jusoorpost/Twitter]
Kholoud Al-Sayed [@Jusoorpost/Twitter]

A young man has strangled a 20-year-old woman to death after she refused to marry him in the Egyptian governorate of Port Said.

According to local media reports Kholoud Al-Sayed decided to break off the engagement with the perpetrator.

Her ex-partner threatened to kill her. The following day he broke into her house and killed her.

Kholoud is the fourth young woman to be murdered in Egypt in just five months as a spate of femicides has rocked the country.

In June university student Naira Ashraf was beaten and stabbed to death outside Mansoura University after she turned down a marriage proposal.

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The footage of Mohamed Adel stabbing Naira to death went viral online and it emerged that Naira's family had reported him to the police after he harassed her for a year and tried to get police to impose a restraining order on him.

Mohamed also edited her face onto pornographic images to blackmail her.

Then in August 20-year-old Salma Bahgat was stabbed to death 17 times after she turned down a marriage proposal.

The perpetrator, Islam Mohamed, posted a story on his social media threatening Salma after she said no to him.

Then in September Ahmed Fathi Amerirah shot 19-year-old Amani Abdul Karim after she refused to marry him.

Analysts and women's rights defenders have said that violence against women in Egypt takes place without clearly being challenged by authorities or being rejected by society.

During the trial against Mohamed Adel so called "good Samaritans" offered to pay his legal fees.

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