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Iran Revolutionary Guard announces arrest of spy for Gulf State

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On Tuesday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced the arrest of a person working for the intelligence services of a Gulf State which intended to carry out acts of sabotage in Hormozgan, in the south of the country.

The public relations office of the Revolutionary Guards stated that "the intelligence agent of one of the countries in the Gulf (…) was arrested at the headquarters of the Iranian intelligence service in the city of Bandar Abbas," according to reports by Iran's Tasnim news agency.

The announcement by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence came after it revealed, earlier, that it arrested "a spy working for the Israeli Mossad in the Kerman Governorate, south-eastern Iran."

According to the statement at the time, the Mossad spy said in his confessions that he "saw an advertisement on the Internet for the Israeli intelligence service," adding that "this advertisement piqued his curiosity and prompted him to take the job," reported Iran's Fars news agency.

He explained that he "sent them an email and stated that he was willing to carry out any action that aligns with the goals of the Zionist intelligence service in Iran," according to the Iranian statement.

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"I sent all of my identifications and documents to the Mossad officers," he said, noting that he assured the Mossad that he was determined to go down this path.

On 24 October, the Iranian authorities announced the arrest of a group collaborating with the Mossad that had targeted Iranian intelligence personnel in the West Azerbaijan Province.

The judiciary said, in a statement, "10 agents linked to IsraelĀ  were arrested through intelligence surveillance, and their main activity was to identify Iranian intelligence elements active in the field of fighting Israel in West Azerbaijan province."

The statement indicated that "the members of this group acted under the direct direction of intelligence officers in the Mossad, in order to identify the forces that cooperate with the security services in the country. They intended to obtain information from them by kidnapping, threatening and beating them."

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