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UAE calls for Israeli-Palestinian talks to end conflict

November 29, 2022 at 9:46 am

UAE representative to the UN Security Council, Mohamed Issa Aboushahab [@UAEMissionToUN/Twitter]

The United Arab Emirates told the UN Security Council yesterday that it is necessary to resume talks about resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“There is an urgent need to de-escalate and prevent tensions from rising to an irreversible point,” said the UAE representative to the UN Security Council, Mohamed Issa Aboushahab. He stressed that diplomacy and dialogue are “the only way” to end the conflict.

Aboushahab added that Israelis and Palestinians should refrain from “rhetoric or provocations that fuel tensions.” He also called on Israel to stop what he described as the “repeated incursions at holy sites and Palestinian areas by settlers and accompanying acts of violence.”

The Palestinian unemployment rate is around 40 per cent, the UAE official pointed out. “It is important to provide economic and educational opportunities for Palestinian youth, to enable them to build and develop their societies.” In conclusion, he reiterated that, “The two-state solution is an indispensable strategic option to end cycles of violence and create a future based on security and prosperity for both peoples.”

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