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Tunisia: Ennahda accuses authorities of lack of transparency 

December 6, 2022 at 11:08 am

Tunisian flag

The spokesman of Tunisia’s Ennahda movement, Imad Khemiri, yesterday accused authorities of lack of transparency in the issue of “conspiracy against state security”.

During a press conference at the movement’s headquarters in Tunis, Khemiri said: “There is no clarity on the issue of conspiracy against state security that is circulating on social media these days.”

“What was published on social media regarding the files which are of interest to the Ennahda movement and its leaders … did not clarify the situation.”

Khemiri expressed “fear that there is a will to obfuscate the issue as a result of the lack of clarity.”

“These are issues that concern the country, Ennahda and its leadership, and the security and safety of their families and people,” he stressed.

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On 25 November, the prosecutor at the First Instance Court in Tunis authorised the opening of an investigation against more than 20 figures, including media personnel, former officials, politicians, trade unionists, former security leaders and well-known television faces.

The investigation concerns crimes of assault on property and persons, conspiracy against the internal security of the state and communication with agents of a foreign state for the purpose of harming the state diplomatically.

Khemiri accused authorities of “taking the country from a state of crisis to a state of mass collapse.”

He claimed that ” the country’s President Kais Saied has failed miserably during his current reign in governance and is shirking responsibility.”