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Algeria warns citizens after cat meat sold as 'rabbit'

Algerian flags flutter in front of the People's National Assembly (parliament) building in the capital Algiers, on 10 September 2020. [RYAD KRAMDI/AFP via Getty Images]
Algerian flags. [RYAD KRAMDI/AFP/Getty Images]

The Algerian authorities have warned citizens to be cautious after some butchers have sold cat meat labelled as "rabbit". The alarm was raised by the Municipality of Bir Mourad Rais on its official social media page.

The authorities said people should ensure that the head and tail are attached to the carcass when purchasing rabbit meat.

An official with the Consumer Protection Organisation, Mustafa Zubdi, said on Facebook that instructions have been given to butchers to leave rabbit heads and feet attached on all rabbit meat placed on display for sale.

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