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Massive rally in Kuwait in solidarity with Palestinians

February 4, 2023 at 9:30 am

Kuwaitis gather to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people in front of the Kuwaiti parliament in the capital. [Photo by YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP via Getty Images]

Kuwaiti activists, NGOs and political factions organised, on Friday, a massive rally in solidarity with Palestinian people, Quds Press reported.

The participants expressed their support for the Palestinians and their resistance against the Israeli Occupation. They also expressed their opposition to the normalisation of ties with the Zionist state.

During the rally, the participants chanted: “Palestine is a trust and normalisation is treason … Palestine is an Arab state.”

Executive Head of the Youth League for Jerusalem, Youssef Al Kandari, said: “Our participation in this rally stems from our faith that Palestine is our cause, which is the cause of the whole Ummah. We have a duty to stand for Palestine.”

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Kandari added: “The ongoing violations and aggression in Palestine, including home demolition, frightening and torturing our sisters – the female prisoners inside the Occupation jails – turn the Kuwaitis to take part in this event.”

He continued: “However, we live atmosphere of happiness here as we are celebrating our national days, but we are feeling sorry for the pains of our brothers who are suffering under the Israeli Occupation.”

Researcher in the Palestinian issues, Abdullah Al Mosawi, said: “We came here to reiterate the Kuwaiti support and solidarity with the Palestinians. We support the Resistance of the Occupation.”

Mosawi stressed: “We will continue supporting the Palestinian Resistance until the liberation of the whole land of Palestine from the Zionist Occupation.”

He concluded: “This is the minimum of what we can offer to Palestine in light of the plague of normalisation which has infected the region aiming to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

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